About Us

We are a group of Malaysian FMCG expect that have entrepreneur mind and believe can create big values to Consumer, Customers and Country. Come from different corners of the country but carry the same LION heart.

30 Years of Business

30 years experiences believe is with high possibilities to flying high in the new destination that we are developing

100% Safe and Healthy Cat Food

Has ISO 9001: 2015 certification .No artificial dyes & flavors & 100% natural . Suitable for all levels of Cats .Got Omega3 and Omega6

Professional and Strong's Team

High values to Consumer , Customers & Country.Warisan Gemilang. WE Come from different country but carry the same LION heart.

What we do

We pay close attention to the unique needs of cat lovers. The obsession with details allows us to provide correct and effective nutrition and make them the best food. Highly nutritious food and delicious flavor make your baby healthier and happier.

Give a champion diet and prove that you are a sign of obvious signs of health in the baby. Its deliciousness and nutrition will definitely make you satisfied with every meal! Follow the recommendations on how to eat, use “health signs” to personally understand the health of your cat.

Our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!

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